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Bye bye Canada 🇨🇦 - Hello Guatemala 🇬🇹

It's crazy how in the space of a day with air travel we find ourselves in another world.

After a last beautiful sunset over Vancouver as if to tell us that life is not just a storm on the Pacific Rim, our plane teleports us from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Then from Los Angeles to Guatemala city.

We are almost the only tourists among the Quatemaltec passengers returning home for the feast of all saints. We are immediately in the mood when discovering the pretty town of Antigua Guatemala.

The first day is also devoted to taking our marks on the practical side: - Quetzals: how to change dollars into quetzals when the banks are closed because it's Sunday, and everyone has emptied the ATMs for this great family holiday weekend, what to do with our slightly torn or chipped dollars or even bearing any trace of ink because the banks do not want it, etc. - transport: evaluation of our ability to drive a rental car in the midst of pedestrians, motorcycles, on roads with many speed bumps that would break a frame in less than two, sometimes excellent roads, sometimes paved and very narrow. In short, the answer is no, therefore, use the transport available to us, public or private. Or find the rare pearl: a car with guide / driver who is willing to accompany us on our journey ... You will know more (and us too !!) in a few days ... Until then tomorrow we will head to Lake Atitlan and then go to Quetzaltenango not far from La Florida, a community coffee plantation where we will be staying for 1 week or more, but this will be subject to another post 😉

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