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In the rainforest, it's raining! 🌲

After a little acclimatization in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, and a CNED session from a good spot in front of the seaplanes take off ...

... here we are on our way to the west of the island. The Nanaimo-Ucluelet road passes through large forests and we stop at MacMillan Provincial Park which has the particularity of giving access to a part of the old-growth forest "Cathedral Grove".

We could imagine seeing a dinosaur 🦕 at the turn of our progress in the forest! 🦖

No dinosaurs but dangerous specimens ... of plants:

Others harmless but impressive in size or appearance (giant lichen, thank you Ben for the identification :), twisted trunks, etc.)

Also met squirrels who sounded the alarm. We are very small in the midst of these giants.

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