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Thank you Canadians and see you soon! ♥️

This is the last day of our stay in Canada and, directly from the airport, we wanted to thank all Canadians, of nationality or heart, who allowed us to discover this country from east to west thanks to the time that they have devoted to us and their desire to share the places they love.

Audrey & David, Candice and Robin for their warm welcome in their home sweet home in Montreal, for the discovery of neighborhood and family life, chocolate choux 😋 as well as the most beautiful spots around Montreal. Robin who shared his room with his cousins ​​and Candice who found a friend cat for our mascot Wasabi, and who made us laugh with her "ohhh my gosh !!!".

Their neighbor Jeanne for the beautiful masks made to measure especially for us :) Their friend Jean-François and his little family for teaching us Quebec expressions and in particular the "fait que", essential to the conversation!

Pierre and Bernard for their incredible talent as guides and organizers of journeys around the St Laurent and as far as the Gaspé, their good advice and their good addresses which made us discover this wild corner that, without them, we would probably have missed.

Lamar for her superb welcome to Ottawa, the good meals, the picking of Halloween pumpkins, the discovery day of the city and especially the fascinating discussions about Canada and its people, which allowed us to better understand the Canadian state of mind and current societal concerns.

Laurent for his impressions of a French expatriate for a long time in Canada and his advice on visiting Toronto. The staff of the Trans-Canada train for their attention to families and their efforts to make the trip enjoyable. The Mennonite family who traveled with us from Toronto to Saskatoon, who we were able to talk to about family and who provided us with wonderful moments of music and song. Our 3 wagon neighbors, Helen, Susan and Madi for their good humor and the good atmosphere (the best on the wagon!). Lisia, the Brazilian living in Edmonton who says that in the next life she wants to marry JP because she dreams of finding a partner ready to go around the world!

The newlyweds met by chance during a walk in Banff for their beautiful ceremony in the heart of nature accompanied by guitar, hot chocolate and brazier.

Benjamin and Célia for their welcome and for the wonderful experience of picking mushrooms as well as the fascinating exchanges around their activity as professional pickers.

Special mention of thanks for the wildlife which plays a full role in our experiences in Canada, in particular: Migratory flight geese and snow geese crossed from east to west in Canada. The whales 🐋 for showing off after an hour of zodiac research in Les Escoumins. The little penguin 🐧 crossed during a ferry trip on the St Laurent. The black bear 🐻 climbed in his tree and took a zoomed picture without being sure of his identity until we were confirmed that it was indeed one! The squirrels - sometimes hopping, sometimes vociferating their cries of alarm to protect their territory. Elk and mountain goats 🦌 encountered while hiking in Jasper. The cats 😸 from the Nanaimo cat bar who comforted our two playful puppies with Chatouille. The raccoon 🦝 that crossed in front of our noses on a walk in Ucluelet. Pyrargue 🦭 and sea lions around Vancouver Island. Thanks everyone !!!


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