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The magic of mushrooms 🍄

Wednesday we went to pick mushrooms with Benjamin, a professional picker.

We were looking for chanterelles, which grow near 40 to 60 year old Douglas fir but we saw a lot of different mushrooms.

Some mushrooms were edible like chanterelles and winter chanterelles.

Or like lactaria or butterwitch (but not very good) ...

And others that are little or not at all edible ... such as the black helvelle, the coral mushroom or the fly agaric. It was a bit difficult to walk in the forest.

But mom was happy to find her first chanterelle!

Then we went to see where they dry the mushrooms and where they turn them into different cooked recipes. Underneath: dried blue chanterelles, drying rack with pine needles and juniper berries.

This day was sporty, very interesting and wet! A big thank you to Benjamin and Célia from Forest for Dinner for this great experience and the excellent evening spent with them :) Post written and illustrated by Morgan and Elo.

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You are finding such amazing things to do! And are such good sports to carry on even when raining or snowing. I am enjoying reading about everything you are experiencing. Stay safe and have fun!


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Thank you Lamar for following us and for all your supportive comments, we are so happy to read them 😊. Well we find these extraordinary activities thanks to the extraordinary people around us, like you, who spend some time for us and have always good advises to make us discover their wonderful environnement because they love it and like to share with others. We will soon write a new post about the people who helped us enjoy this unique country as tomorrow is our last day in Canada. It has been a superb time for all of us, we indeed spent more time there than initially planned, but now is coming for us the time to move around and continue our…

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