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To meet new people

A country is a geographical place but also inhabitants with their culture, their festivals, their way of life, their language .

This is what we would like to discover and take advantage of this long journey to take the time to get in touch with the people who live in each country crossed, and if possible to share the life of a family on a daily basis . In our eyes, this is probably the best way to take the pulse of the country, to have real exchanges and to be able to ask all the questions that will allow us to better understand the country visited.


Examples of what we would like to experience:

- Cook specialties that we know but above all learn to cook specialties of the visited country (see chapter Gastronomy).

- Share school time with the children of the family either at school or at home for families who are homeschooling.

- Discover the surroundings, the flora and fauna and the places to visit with connoisseurs of the places.

- Experience regional festivals with the family (see the festivals and sports chapter)

All that remains is to meet families who will welcome us for a few days in their homes! :-)


Dinner Party

Gourmets, loving to share our meals and discover what we eat elsewhere, we are eager to discover new tastes and different ways of eating.  

We also want to discover the cultivation methods specific to the countries we will cross (rice fields, tea and coffee crops but also orchards, large wheat or corn crops).

Flora and Fauna

Aquarium Clownfish

Animals, plants, what we eat, the environment, how the space around us is shared between humans and animals, between urban spaces, agricultural spaces and wild spaces.

To share our discoveries, see in our publications the categories "animals" and "gardens"

Sports, Music & Cultural events

L'homme jouant de la guitare
beaucoup de cerfs-volants
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