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A family trip around the world for 1 year!

Why ?


The project is to spend 1 year with our backpacks and with local means of transport to go around the world with the family, 2 adults and 2 boys aged 10 and 13. A project to get out of the box, give yourself the time to do things differently, leave room for improvisation, meeting people, immerse ourself in the places and come into contact with people over the course of the travel.

A red thread?


Our main theme is the meeting, with the inhabitants of the countries, with the children, with the enthusiasts of their country.

We will try to trigger these meetings through our various centers of interest so that everyone is participatory, including children:

So depending on which of us you ask this question, you might get the following variations:

(And there, I suggest you do a "search and find" and link the theme to the corresponding person!)

  • The festivals of the world

  • Children around the world

  • World cuisines

  • The practice of sports in the world

  • The world's transport

  • Gardens of the world

  • World music

See also our section " Red thread".

Dreams in particular?


To name a few that we might realize:


  • See a jungle,

  • Swim with dolphins,

  • Traveling on the Trans-Siberian,

  • Visit our Japanese friend Yumi with her family at her home in Shizuoka,

  • Celebrate Christmas around a barbecue on a New Zealand beach,

  • Walk in the Himalayas with your family,

  • Experience a rodeo festival,

  • See a Quetzal (quezaco?),

  • Trying to speak Russian "for real" in Russia,

  • Live the feast of the dead in Central America,

  • See elephants,

  • Eat real Chinese food,

  • Sleep on a night train,

  • Traveling by motorhome,

  • Take a seaplane,

  • See the Northern Lights,

  • Meet Vijayan and his family in India,

  • Go see a Japanese school,

  • Go on a plane with a TV,

  • Go hiking,

  • Go to a fruit jungle and pick fruit,

  • Do a survival course create ladders, huts,

  • See stunning sunrises,

  • Eat things that you don't know in other countries,

  • See molten lava on a volcano,

  • Bathe in a swimming pool with natural hot water,

  • See a moose in Canada,

  • Eat maple syrup ice cream in Canada,

  • Take a helicopter flight,

  • See tea plantations and rice fields,

  • Follow a guide to visit caves,

  • Watch a cricket match in India,

  • Watch a hockey game in Canada,

  • Make a Buddhist retreat,

  • Cross a monkey bridge over a great precipice,

  • Participate in the Indian Holi Festival of Color,

  • Climb a Mayan pyramid,

  • Take a midnight bath,

  • Take a walk on the Chinese wall,

  • Spend a night in a traditional Japanese ryokan,

  • See a whale,

  • Fishing in different countries,

  • Go diving,

  • Parachute jump...

Not to mention everything that will come to us during our wanderings ...

Which country ?


A maximum of ten, we want to limit the number of countries to enjoy each location, avoid "zapping" and stay on average 1 month in each country.

So here is our theoretical journey a few months before departure ...

From west to east:

  • Canada (East Montreal, Quebec, then Trans-Canada to the Rockies)

  • Guatemala

  • New Zealand (North and South Islands)

  • Cambodia (Angkor, Mekong)

  • India (South East / South West / North)

  • Nepal (Térail and Annapurna)

  • Japan (mainly Honshu island)

  • China and Hong-Kong (Canton, Hong-Kong then Beijing, Chinese wall)

  • Russia (via Mongolia - Trans-Siberian)

You will learn more about the reason for the choices of our countries here.

What means of transport?


For this great trip, we want to try all means of locomotion.

With notably :

  • the train

  • the bus

  • walking

  • the motorhome

  • the freighter

  • and of course the plane

Okay, but the ecological footprint? What about the CO2 released during a whole year through these trips?

See our reflection here .


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