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Who are we ?

We are a family of four with two boys 10 and 13 in 2021.
We love traveling, sharing experiences and discovering new things.
Our very special project is a 1 year family travel around the world. We are so excited about meeting new people in the world :)

Avatar Gabin

Gabin the 13 year-old boy can participate to homeschooling with other kids, teach how to play the guitar (electric or not), take care of pets (he LOVES cats), teach how to practice fencing and give good tips to play videogames like Minecraft.

Avatar Morgan

Morgan the 10 years old boy likes to play with his friends, to play Legos, to read comics, likes golf and hockey, likes to eat and sings a lot :)

Avatar papa

JP , the dad, 48 year-old, likes cooking and discovering new tastes, with good wines!

Hiking enthusiast he likes large and natural landscapes and mountains.

Avatar Elo

Elodie , the mom, likes landcaping / gardening and also technologies.

Likes starting new projects like learning new languages ​​(Russian in 2019).

Avatar Chatouille

Chatouille (Tickle in English) , our 4 year-old cat, likes to sleep, to play with nice persons, likes her cat-food and to hunt mice and birds ...

She will not follow us during our worldtrip but will be in a very nice family during our absence.

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