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Our journey

Since a map is better than a long description:

Notre voyage autour du monde
The countries

A maximum of ten, we want to limit the number of countries to enjoy each location, avoid "zapping" and stay on average 1 month in each country.

So here is our theoretical route, to be adapted according to desires and constraints, in particular the opening of borders ...

From west to east:

  • Canada (East Montreal, Quebec, then Trans-Canada to the Rockies)

  • Guatemala

  • New Zealand (North and South Islands)

  • Cambodia (Angkor, Mekong)

  • India (South East / South West / North)

  • Nepal (Térail and Annapurna)

  • Japan (mainly Honshu island)

  • China and Hong-Kong (Canton, Hong-Kong then Beijing, Chinese wall)

  • Russia (via Mongolia - Trans-Siberian)

  • Return to Europe via Germany and back to France

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